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Jinsheng Company undertook the fireworks display of firing trees and silver flowers shining Xi'an in 2004
In 2001,Jinsheng Company undertook the opening celebration of the 5th Liuyang International Fireworks Festival of China Eight Anniversaries Celebration Fireworks Display of Kirghizia was undertaken by Jinsheng Company in 1999

insheng Company provided high quality products for 200 Anniversaries Celebration Fireworks Display of Hawaii Chinese People Settlement US in 1996 Jinsheng Company provided high quality display products for the opening celebration of France Football World Cup Game in 1998
The fireworks show on the opening ceremony of the 5th<BR>Liuyang international fireworks festivalin in 2001
The firewors show on 50th Anniversary of China in Beijing in 1999 The firewors show on Return of HongKong in 1997
The fireworks show on Return of Macau in 1999
 Fireworks artist set off Mfg.Co.,Ltd of Jinsheng fireworks group